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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to your question about the digest may be right a click away: here

The Digest Safety Net

As it may sometimes happen that the digest has problems just when you need it more, we have created a Safety Net that may help you in times of trouble...
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The GPDD is usually not moderated, but there're some important rules that must be taken into consideration before posting... learn which ones here.

The fire brigade

More subscribers, more troubles.. to help solving problems between the users, the fire brigade was born. You may want to know more ....

GPDD - A brief introduction

The Guinea Pigs' Daily Digest - simply GPDD for its friends - is a daily electronic newsletter, founded on March 1995 by and for the internet Guinea Pigs' fanciers community.

With passing years, the GPDD has grown up both in subscribers' number - over 1,600 right now - and in other institutions that were created to make it a better place: the Digest Safety Net (DSN) and the Fire Brigade; you may learn more about these two here on the left.

The GPDD subscribers are spread worldwide, so that you'll virtually meet Guinea Pigs' fanciers from all over the planet; the digest is only edited in English, while there are also other non-English-speaking communities within it.


01-31-2001 - The new GPDD is out!
After almost one week, we can assume that the digest is running at its best and that mail flooding risks are reasonably gone. The number of subscribers is still a small fraction of before, but we are regularly growing everyday, and I'm confient that the situation will be normalized soon. The web version of the DSN is ready, and I'm waiting for the last permissions from its members to publish it (hopefully within the weekend).

01-25-2001 - The new GPDD is out!
So, if you didn't still, please re-subscribe! Also, do not miss the most powerful and complete Guinea Pig Link section of the web: if your site is still not included, please submit it. More that 150 links worldwide!
The GPDD faq has been slightly revised to reflect some address changes.

01-22-2001 - Back soon !
We are finishing the last tests with the new digest. If things stay fine as they are right now, the GPDD will restart tomorrow. We are sorry for the long delay, but we want to be reasonably sure not to mailbomb our subscribers again. We do remind you that as the subscribers' list has been removed, you have to resubscribe to receive again the new GPDD.
The Chat room and the Guest book are now active.

01-18-2001 - BIG MESS part 2
Things are slowly back to normal, still I have to understand what was the point.. the digest remains then suspended, but the Digest Safety Net is working for emergencies on guineapigs.org.
In the meanwhile a new section of the site has been open: the completely revised Links page features now a Yahoo-like directory with search. Now is up to you to fill it up.

01-17-2001 - BIG MESS!!!
It looks like the gpdd server got crazy somehow, spreading hundreds of copy of the same digest!!! I'm submerged both by digests and complaints. I've been forced to delete the list. More news later.

01-15-2001 - The GPDD faqs
A completely revised release of the GPDD Frequently Asked Questions is now online and its link is working.
Message to the subscribers: The first digest from this site will start today as the switch has been completed. Please remind that you have to restore your old preferences and password: go to the list options and ask to have your new password to be sent via email.


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