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Welcome to the Guinea Pigs' Daily Digest!
The GPDD is a group of friends who share a common love for guinea pigs. The goal for the GPDD is to be fun, informative and helpful - "A friendly cyber-piggie in your inbox" (SM) who visits every day.
Anyone is welcome to subscribe to this moderated list, but before doing so please read our Rules of Pigiquette and Philosophy. Both explain in detail our basic premise: treat everyone as you would want them to treat you.


2013: The Peter Gurney Light That Went Around the World

For those not familiar with Peter Gurney, or this annual event, Peter Gurney was an author and Guinea Pig advocate who died of cancer in England in 2006. He wrote many of the books on guinea pigs that we all use, and his website is still a vital source of information to all guinea pig lovers. In 2006 we held our first Candle-Light Memorial in his honor, and to remember all of the guinea pigs and pets who are with him at the Rainbow Bridge.

About the Ceremony

It has been my honor and privilege to participate in the Peter Gurney Memorial candle-lighting maps on GPDD for the last 8 years or so.

We thought you might like to hear a few words about how the Peter Gurney Memorial maps are done:

First, Audrey bothers everybody time and time again, to be sure to light candles on the appropriate date at the appropriate time. She then forwards the list of participant locations to me. This process takes many hours of her time, and I can always rely on her timeliness and accuracy. Each participating city / town / country location is then pinpointed using Google Earth—one at a time, each and every single location. This is also quite time-consuming, but it provides for a wonderful geography refresher course. You and your own individual location are therefore virtually certain not to be overlooked in this process.

Using high-quality vector global Mercator projection maps we have purchased, we then crop a particular country or region of the earth, as needed, forming the basis of an individual map (England, North America, South America, etc.)

Naturally, in the case of areas with urban density (northeast US, in particular) specific locations may be somewhat crowded and obscured. We welcome your suggestions about that, and we are working on ways to make that better.

The rest of the process requires the use of a combination of products such as Photoshop and other image-manipulating software, to be sure that the map images are best viewable to all. We darken the background some, to indicate evening hours, and to allow the candles to show up better. Surprisingly, superimposing the candle images often represents the greatest challenge. Thereafter, cropping, changes in color saturation, contrast adjustments and other image-enhancing techniques are all combined to make the map images most suitable for use on the web.

- contributed by Will Farmer

This map shows where candles were lit (click on a highlighted area for a more detailed map).

Croydon, Victoria
Gold Coast, Queensland
Mt. Barker, South Australia
Witta, Sunshine Coast, Queensland


East Sussex
North Yorkshire
Southeast England

Rosice (Brno)

Berlin (2)


Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Groningen, the Netherlands
Heerlen, the Netherlands
Zoetermeer, Zuid Holland




Point Richmond
Santa Clara
Santa Clarita
Walnut Creek (2)

Colorado Springs
New Haven
New Smyrna Beach
Palm Harbor
West Palm Beach
Winter Haven
Acworth (Lake Allatoona)
Scottsdale (Atlanta)
Hilo, Big Island

Des Moines



Silver Spring (4)
Ocean City
Rochester Hills

Lincoln County

La Vista

South Brunswick
New York City
Liberty Twp
New Bloomfield
Newport News
Round Hill



Lima (3)



The GPDD Team sends a special "Thank You!" to Audrey Binder and William Farmer. Without their help in organizing the Candle Lighting and creating the maps, this would not be possible.

Archive News:

The Peter Gurney 2010 Light That Went Around the World
The Annual Peter Gurney Candle-Light Memorial, held on March 9th, 2010. It was the best participation we have had in the 5 years of doing this - with 84 participants! 

Peter Gurney Memorial Candle Lighting on March 9th 2010
We will be remembering Peter Gurney, and other GPDDers, including Alge, Debbie, Kirsten, and Joseph Petrillo.

You are invited to participate in our fifth annual "Light for Peter Gurney" candle lighting memorial on Tuesday, March 9th, 2010, at 8:00 pm.  As I promised to be the official "reminder person" for this event, I'll keep sending out reminders until March 9th.

This is a "real" event, as everyone is invited to light a real candle at or around 8:00 pm, in your respective time zone, in rememberance of our beloved Alge, Debbie, Kirstin, Joseph Petrillo, Peter Gurney, and all of the guinea pigs who are now with them, at the Rainbow Bridge.  Peter Gurney was a tireless advocate for guinea pigs, who passed away from cancer July 1, 2006, in Great Britain.  He wrote many of the books that we use, and he was probably the best guinea pig authority and advocate in the world.

March 9th was his birthday, and many of us who read the GPDD decided that it would be a fitting day to remember and honor him.  We have now expanded this memorial to include and honor our dear GPDD friends who are with him at the Rainbow Bridge.  Basically, all you need to do is light a candle on March 9th, in the evening, and the light will move around the world.

The memorial is also for all of the piggies who have passed away and are now with Peter Gurney.  We know that he and our GPDDers with him are looking after all of them.

This will be our fifth memorial candle-lighting, and at the end I will ask you where you lit your candle, and post a listing of all the places where the light went. So, mark your calendars for March 9th at 8:00 pm!

Also, if anyone has ideas on how to expand our world-wide coverage of this event (guinea pig forums in other countries), please let me know if you can help.  The more, the better!

We will be lighting our candle on March 9th.

Audrey (Organizer), William, and Gordon the GP

A Time of Sadness

We just received news that a member and dear friend of the Guinea Pigs' Daily Digest has crossed to the Rainbow Bridge.

Our friend "Alge" had been a regular contributor to this group. Her thoughtful and kind messages were always welcome, and will be sorely missed, as will she.

We will soon post a proper memorial message. At this time, we wish to express our great sadness at her passing, and extend our most heartfelt sympathy to her family during this difficult time.

                                                      -The GPDD Team



In memory of Joseph C. Petrillo

Joe and George
[click for larger image]

The GPDD lost one of its long time members recently with the passing of Joseph C. Petrillo. GPDD members will remember Joe as an active contributing member to the Digest about his beloved piggie, George.

The sad news of Joe's passing was sent to the GPDD by Carol, a close friend of the Petrillo family. Here are edited excerpts from that post:

"A sad day...a sad announcement...

It is with a sad, heavy heart that I advise you of the passing of Joseph C. Petrillo, George the Guinea Pig's daddy. Anybody who has been a long time subscriber to this digest will surely remember him.

I was his friend. I met Joe and his wife Gail about 7 yrs ago at the Guinea Pig Extravanga that was held in Arlington, VA and where we also had the pleasure of meeting Peter Gurney.
Joe, George and 'The Girl'
[click for larger image]

Joe and Gail were standing around after Peter's lecture and Joe had a collage picture frame full of pics of George. As my friend and I were talking to them and admiring the pics we found out that not only did they live in NJ but they lived in the same apartment complex as my friend! Thus began a wonderful friendship that was based on our mutual love of our guinea pigs. Joe used to refer to George as "the boy" and spent hours taking his pic and making videos. Joe was so pleased when George met my three girls, Angel, Sophie and Elsie and George took a special liking to Angel.

Joe's GPDD friend Alge said it best:

'This is a time when many of us will definitely share your sense of loss, Gail, though your loss is far greater than anyone else's. Still, we sometimes write about "community pigs" and George was certainly one of those. But Joe was a community PERSON, one of the best to ever grace the pages of the GPDD.'

Joe was sponsoring an elder piggie at the Critter Corral rescue; in memoriam I will continue that sponsorship. Anyone wishing to honor Joe's memory by also sponsoring a senior or special needs piggie can find more information about sponsorship at the Critter Corral's website: http://www.crittercoral.org

Rest in peace my friend. You will remain in the hearts of many forever.

- Carol"

March 9, 2008: Special candlelight ceremony in Memory of Peter Gurney:

Peter Gurney  Invitation to light a candle in honor of Peter Gurney SUNDAY, MARCH 9, at 8:00 pm. March 9 would have been Peter's 70th birthday.

Peter crossed on July 1, 2006 (see articles below, and tribute on this website). He has been gone almost two years, and is still greatly missed.

Lighting a candle is easy, and something we can each do to honor Peter's memory. He was a tireless advocate of guinea pigs, and left the world with guinea pig knowledge that we would have never had without him. His books and knowledge (not always conventional) has helped everyone here.

We can share the moment with or without our piggies, and light a candle on March 9 at, or around 8:00 pm, in your particular time zone. Mr. Gurney will have a light in his honor that will move around the world. I hope you all like the image of that - it really is something special for someone who has done so much for guinea pigs.

- Audrey Binder, Organizer

"Last of Their Kind " - Peter's Final Book

After his passing, Peter's family saw to the completion of Peter's final book, "Last of their Kind". It is a truly beautiful book, full of amazing pictures of piggies.

From The Winking Cavy Store description:

"In the months before he died, Peter Gurney was working on this book. He never tired of writing about and photographing his favourite animals and in this book we are given an insight to ‘life with Peter’, as seen from the Guinea Pigs’ viewpoint. It includes more than 70 full colour photographs and some poems Peter wrote about his Guinea Pig friends."

The book can be ordered from The Winking Cavy Store


"Someone for Everyone" - a new Guinea Pig Storybook 
Our friends at Willow Lodge Tales in Australia have published a new guinea pig book, just in time for Christmas and the Holiday season. Titled "Someone for Everyone", it uses digital photography to tell the story of three sister piggies, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Sugar. Although the authors call it a childrens' story book, it's really for everyone, young and old.
The book sells for $19.95, which includes shipping anywhere in the world (and some free gifts as well!)  Note - delivery for Christmas is guaranteed if you order by December 7!
For a preview of the book, or to order online, click this image...


July 23, 2006: Special candlelight ceremony in Peter's memory:

Peter Gurney  Invitation to light a candle in honor of Peter Gurney this SUNDAY, JULY 23, at 8:00 pm. It's an easy and something we can each do to honor the memory of Peter Gurney, who passed away on July 1. He was a tireless advocate of guinea pigs, and left the world with guinea pig knowledge that we would have never had without him. His books and knowledge (not always conventional) has helped everyone here.

We can share the moment with or without our piggies, and light a candle this Sunday at, or around 8:00 pm, in your particular time zone. Mr. Gurney will have a light in his honor that will move around the world. I hope you all like the image of that - it really is something special for someone who has done so much for guinea pigs.

- Audrey Binder, Organizer

On July 1, 2006 the worldwide guinea pig community lost a dear friend:
Peter Gurney
Peter will be remembered as one of – if not the – world’s leading authority on guinea pigs/cavies. Read complete tribute

The obituary published in the London Daily Telegraph published.
The Peter Gurney Memorial Trophy: The Cambridge Cavy Trust to create a lasting memorial. Read story

The Guinea Pigs' Rainbow Bridge now has its own site.
The Guinea Pigs' Rainbow Bridge pages have been part of the GPDD site for about a year now. But we felt there should be a site dedicated to the memories of our departed companions.
The Guinea Pigs' Rainbow Bridge has a new design and is now located at its own place on the web.

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