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Cambridge Cavy Trust to create permanent memorial to Peter Gurney

The Peter Gurney Memorial Trophy

July 8, 2006

The CCT will be honoring Peter's memory by awarding a trophy on a yearly-retention basis to the winner of of a children's pet class at one of the major cavy shows.

Vedra Stanley-Spatcher, director of the world-renown Cambridge Cavy Trust cavy hospital told the Guinea Pigs' Daily Digest: "We are planning to purchase a large trophy which will be known as the Peter Gurney Memorial Trophy. The winner will have a small shield engraved with their name and year, which will be attached to the edge.

They will not be allowed to compete for it the following year, as we want as many children as possible to have the chance to win it."

Vedra also noted "Several donations have already been received and put into this fund".

Anyone wishing to contribute should make a check payable to the Cambridge Cavy Trust and mail it to:

Cambridge Cavy Trust
1 Splash Lane
Huntingdon, Cambs
PE28 2AF
United Kingdom


Peter Gurney photo courtesy of The Winking Cavy Store

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