[Gpdd] Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Wilma 21.3.97-9.10.03

Rod rod at megalink.net
Mon Oct 13 14:15:55 EDT 2003

Dear Hanna,

I was very sorry to hear she had gone to the bridge.  From the Mail I read
it was apparent she was failing and you did all you could do.  When a piggy
feels the need to go,  you cannot stop it.

She will be at peace now and fully well again. She will not have to labor
for her breath or struggle with the infection in her lungs ever again.
There are no words for illness or pain where she is now. They do not exist.  

She will know she had the best of care and will not forget you. 

I have posted her Rainbow so we can all see that she is in that better
place, and I know she is now in her element and meeting up with old and
dear friends. She will always be with us and her place of honor on the team
will remain, a constant reminder of Wilma,  piglet  #1572.   You go girl..
Good luck on your new adventure.

Warmest Consoling weeeeks


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