[Gpdd] MISC. - Rainbow Bridge origins

Thu Dec 2 15:30:47 EST 2004


     Thank you so much for letting me know the origins of the Rainbow Bridge. I haven't lost a piggie since I was a young girl but I had tears in my eyes as I read about the poem. It's only been since my kids left home that I have gotten back into the guinea pig life but I will always remember my first gp back when I was 13. I'll be happy to see Peppy again someday. I'd take her out in my back yard and let her loose to eat grass (seems UNBELIEVABLE now). At the first sign of trouble she'd run to me like a shot. When I came home from school, she'd wheek at the top of her voice at the sound of my footsteps. How I loved her! Because I was so young then I don't have any pictures of her but now I'm careful to have lots of pics of Bud so he never fades from memory.
     By the way, my website is registered under my husband's (Royce) name but it's Bud and me writing.  :)  Thanks again.

Carla and Bud (and Peppy in spirit)

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