[Gpdd] Health:urine and diet

Missy Chodoro melissachodoro at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 3 10:14:24 EST 2004

Hello all- 
My little Lemi's urine has been looking kind of "chalky" when it dries. I think that this is a sign that he may be getting too much calcium or high oxalate foods? He doesn't squeal or arch his back when he pees and has a good appetite and drinks okay. He is not really a pickey eater but does not care for mustard/collard/turnip greens at all but will eat almost everything else. I have been trying to give him small amts of parsely, endive, etc. What else can I change in his diet? Where do i buy the dandelion greens everyone talks about? He is also a big fan of green peppers. 
Incidentally, he seems to have quite a voracious appetite as he likes to wake me up at 2am for some food!
Melissa and Lemi

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