[Gpdd] [Health] Piggy with Leg Pain

ebak at ca.inter.net ebak at ca.inter.net
Sun Dec 5 22:40:18 EST 2004

          				There was a posting a few days ago about a guinea pig with a sore leg that
got better.
It is possible that your guinea pig may have a vitamin C deficiiency. This can cause
stiffness in
the legs. If I remember correctly, as I can't find the post now, you mentioned calcium
and supplements. If your guinea pig is eating an alfalfa based pellet, it is doubtful that
it is a
calcium deficiency because they are very high in calcium. Too much calcium in a piggy's
diet can
cause bladder stones, so please make sure you get information on someone who is
knowledgable like a
vet before you do this. 


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