[Gpdd] [Misc] Re: Secret Santa Gift Suggestions - Magnets

Anderson, Jocelyn jocelynm at umich.edu
Mon Dec 6 10:09:15 EST 2004

Hello all,


I bought some magnets from Laurie last year (
http://www.theurnstudio.com/Pet%20Products.htm ) and used them to put on
top on presents instead of bows for the family members; it was quite
cute and went over well!


I had also asked for a treat dish for Spybreak T. Fatmammal - although
Laurie mentioned in her email that she wasn't able to do any special
orders for magnets so I don't know if she has time nowadays for such
orders. You can see the dish here:
http://www.thelastcandle.net/gallery/albums/xmas2k3/DSCF0023.jpg . I'm
afraid I don't have a picture of the magnets, but you can see by the
dish that her work is nicely done!



Jocelyn, Spybreak T. Fatmammal and Little John (~..~)

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