[Gpdd] Medical - Piggy w/ Pneumonia

GyfuFaery at aol.com GyfuFaery at aol.com
Mon Dec 6 23:55:51 EST 2004

As I mentioned before, my Frankie (14 mo) is pretty sick with  pneumonia. I 
had taken Frankie to the vet on Monday, November 22, because  he had lost 6 
ounces and sounded conjested. The vet put him on .75 cc of Baytril  every 12 
hours for a week, and force feeding Critical Care (since he wasn't  eating very 
much on his own) until he was eating normally on his own again.  After a few 
days, there seemed to be some improvement. Frankie seemed to  be eating on his 
own and he was climbing all over Moka, his mentor &  penmate. So I cut back on 
the feedings, but continued with the meds. On Monday,  November 29, when I 
picked Frankie up to give him his last dose of meds, he was  raspy again. I made 
an appointment for a return visit to the vet for Friday,  December 3 (the 
earliest I could get him in there).
This time, the vet took X-rays (I didn't have enough money the first time  
for the X-rays). The vet showed me the X-rays which showed a cloudiness in  
Frankie's lungs. The vet said it was pneumonia. The vet put Frankie on .75 cc of  
Baytril and .3 cc of Doxycycline every 12 hours. He said that Frankie will  
probably need be on the medication for a month since pneumonia is a  stubborn 
problem to treat in these little guys. He also said that it was  important that 
I continue to force feed him, since he isn't eating much on his  own. I am 
feeding him Critical Care & Pumpkin, with some Probiotic  mixed in.  He gets 50 
cc a day (25 cc in the morning and 25 cc in  the evening). The vet said that 3 
to 4 times a day would be better, but twice a  day was good. I am not home 
during the day, so 2 times a day is working for  me.
So far, Frankie is doing okay. He is trying to eat on his own, but isn't  
eating nearly enough. Feeding him and giving him his meds is fairly easy since  
he is comfortable laying on his back. I just have to hold his little paws to  
keep him from getting them in the way. He is just like a little baby and such a 
 good patient.
Brightest Blessings to All
Dawn and the boys, Moka, BrownyBoy and  Frankie

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