[Gpdd] (Virtual) Hi Wheeking Wheekers, Whee are home to Penny Giggle Farm

Sandra Oliver-Poore oliverpoore at mindspring.com
Tue Dec 7 01:00:42 EST 2004

Hi Piggers and all!

This is Wild Wooly Wily here, home from our procession to Washington to 
establish  Penny Giggle Farm, Northern Annex.  And a grand trip it was. 
Momma Slave Sandy drove the rent a wreck and the adoptee's rode with her so 
they could say their good bye's and get all their etiquette advice, momma 
wants them to be fine examples of out happy home. The rest of us hitched a 
ride on the big-ol RV (RODENT VEHICLE)  and what a pure party.  We would to 
offer our profound thanks and all props to the JOLLY RODENTS for making all 
the arrangements and hosting our grand event..

I would like to recognize all who have traveled both virtually and in 
person.  The weather is almost storming here today so whee thought no one 
from the Rainbow's end could attend today.  However, whee could feel a 
presence, many presences in fact, and whee have noted that there is a cloud, 
smaller and grayer than the others, and much much closer, in fact it seems 
to be hovering just above us, it seems pregnant, expectant, almost alive!! 
My goodness, is that the throbbing hum of the Rumblestrut Blues?  Is that 
Ebe and Beethoven together again? And so many more, yes!! they are all 
here!!!Hurrah, let the ceremonies begin!  All hail kindly mother nature and 
father time who provide for us all!!

In keeping with tradition,  I will not reveal the various parties and 
functions,ahem, em, if I may say so, To protect the innocent, the guilty, 
and those who may have sneaked off to the party with out permission, the 
only written records of the event will be those written by the piggies 
involved, OKAY!!

And now let the Ceremonies begin!!!!!!

Most notably, my brother Bob Bob, declined the privilege and honor of 
becoming the Grand Pooh-Bah even though he has served notably as crown 
prince all these years,  as he has to concentrate on refurbishing his coat 
which has become a bit sparse.Therefore I proudly Proclaim the Following:

The Grand Pooh-Bah of The Seattle Branch of Penny Giggle Farm is and forever 
shall be  PB   also known as PeeBeeb!! This title confers all the rights and 
privileges normally conveyed with the title as well as all the solemn duties 

The pledge

I, PB Pig, do solemnly swear  to be a good Grand PooBah and to care for my 
subjects of the realm, To care for my new Parent Slaves, Jennifer and Adam, 
and to promote glorious Cavydom to the four corners of the world, or at 
least my tub.  I further swear to help all homeless piggers find loving 
forever homes and to hold in loving memory those who have Preceded us to the 
Rainbow Bridge.  I further swear to honor all cavydom by out munching and 
out pooping all others and to promote both arts where ever there are 
piggies. I further swear to always love my momma slave, Sandy. and hope  to 
see her again on earth and if not to meet her at the Rainbow Bridge and let 
her chuckle my chin to her hearts content

Willy here,  That was magnificent.PB

To close the ceremonies let us all join together, snout to butt, for a 
celebratory dance to the Rumblestrut Blues. We celebrate our pigginess, our 
slave parents and the adoption of the 4 boars to Adam and Jennifer

All hail PB, Boar-is, Shy Guy, and Bob Bob.  May they be happy healthy, and 
live long.
All hail parsley
the feast awaits
GO Forth and Be PIGGIES!!


and be careful out there

4 sows to go.  Whee will try to set up something with Robert and Margaret in 
Bellingham, or follow up leads to Calig or Olympia

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