[Gpdd] Virtual: Wilson Speaks

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Tue Dec 7 18:34:09 EST 2004

Wheeek wheeek guys,
       We are so glad that Sandy's boys have found good new homes but sorry 
too. Sorry that sometimes these thing happen. We hope the girl pigs are just as 
lucky in getting good new slaves. I'm not completely sure whether Slave Sandy 
has found homes for them or not.  She's a very very special lady.
       George the Guinea Pig did actually manage to make it possible for the 
Guinea Pigs Over the Bridge to touch noses with their loved ones on this side. 
Motah's meeting with the Uuineas was touching as was Charley and Wolfi's with 
their Uncle Beethoven who they never actually met before. (Yes, we finally 
found  Charley and Wolfi.) Then there were Snickers and Snowball's getting 
together with Beethoven and Ebeneezer. They all performed one show with Beethoven 
and Ebeneezer really doing some serious rumblestrutting just as they did on the 
way to Capa Alava. Laughing -- and at Cap ALava as well  as I recall.
       There were other meeting; Cooders and I, of course, saw that "pig for 
all season" Ebeneezer WollyBear.  (mm, "excuse me, I seem to  be getting a 
little choked up here." Our Charlie and Chester saw him , too, and they went into 
popcorning fits.
       There were quite a few misty moments for a few of us on this side of 
the Bridge, but the guys on the other side are all so happy and healthy. They 
were surrounded with a special kind of brightness. It didn't hurt our eyes, it 
just made us feel good all over. The piggies from the bridge they said they 
miss us is in a special way, a way that doesn't hurt because they know it's just 
a matter of time and where they're at time doesn't matter.
       George the Guinea Pig wanted his Daddy, Joe and his Mommy  -- not to 
mention his wife Angel -- to know that he was loved and cared for by 
extraordinary parents. George is pretty extraordinary himself.
       That part of things left us all pretty reflective and maybe even kind 
of blue inspite of our joy. I remember Fuzzy taking her paw in mine. It was 
perfect timing. I closed my other paw around hers.  I noticed that Cooders and 
Miss Cally were paw in paw, too.

       Wild Wooly Willy said that there was like a special cloud -- and there 
was -- and then it was back looking down on us, with strains of Rumblestrut 
Blues filtering down. 

It's hard for me to talk right now....



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