[Gpdd] Health: Worried about my Brownie Bear

Leah McNeil lconsuela at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 7 21:07:52 EST 2004

Hello Slaves,
I am a little worried about my Brownie Bear
because she hasn't been acting right these
past few days. I am cleaning her bottom area
every day, twice a day because of the sludgy
stuff. I have an appointment with Dr. Campbell
at the end of the month, but I can't wait. So,
I made an appt with the local Vet for this
Saturday. He's not as experienced, but I
know I can at least get some antibiotics from
him if he can verify that there's an infection
down there. I prefer going to Dr. Campbell,
but she's 1 1/2 hours away and I just can't
get there in the next few days...Sigh!

Anyways, well, yesterday, I separated Butterscotch
and her because he's just so Active and he tries
to jump on her (to get some 'Adult Time') and I
thought that maybe he was stressing her out. She
can walk and run okay, but I notice that when she
jumps in her Cuddle Cup, that her back legs kind
of 'drag' a little. I'm giving her Extra Vit-C
every couple of days, but I know she gets plenty
of it, so I'm stumped. I know she's getting older
and I know she's overweight and I also know that
she has a touch of Arthritis, so if I had to make
an educated guess, I would say that one of those
things was the cause of the problem (if not a
combination of them).

Daddy Slave said that today they both seemed
like they missed each other and Butterscotch was
going Crazy and having all sorts of fits all day
long. I had both of their cages set up for free-
range, but I divided their areas (BB had the
dining room and BS had the living room). So,
when I got home today, I took the gate down.
And Butterscotch was especially Happy.

This morning, I scared/startled Brownie Bear
because it was dark and I ran into the gate (yeah,
I was half asleep and totally forgot that I had
separated them). So, I picked her up and held
her; and then I put her down. She didn't move.
She just started CHIRPING! She must have chirped
for at least 30 seconds. And I was sitting on
the floor staring her in the face, watching her
sing her song. It was Wild. And Butterscotch just
stopped in his tracks and then after a while he
started chattering his teefies. I've heard that
the chirping was possibly a warning sign and
after watching my pigs interact, I would almost
believe it.

Well, I better get ready for bed. Sorry for the
long post. Please keep my Sassy Brownie Bear in
your Prayers...

   Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeeeps,
      Leah...Slave to Brownie Bear and
                            Butterscotch :-)

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