[Gpdd] Virtual - Cally's Return

svtaylor1 at excite.com svtaylor1 at excite.com
Tue Dec 7 21:07:23 EST 2004

Dear Slave Susan,

Things are wrapping up here on the RV trip. Whee have had our party and speeches and ceremonies. Whee dropped off Sandy's boys (whith instructions on how to train their new slaves, Jennifer and Adam) and are ready to head back. This has been a whonderful trip and I am sorry to tell everyone good-bye, especially Mr. Cooders, but it is time to get back. I will be flying into Albuquerque International Airport early Whednesday morning so pleeze send Excaliber. -  -  Your Little Princess, Cally

Cally sent this email to me last night so I let Excaliber know and he must have gotten her home because she was in her usual spot when I walked, bleary-eyed into the kitchen this morning.  She wheeked for her usual treats and ate them but seemed just a bit wistful. Perhaps she was missing Cooders and all the good times. I told her there will be another trip, just you wait and see! -  - Susan in New Mexico, USA

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