[Gpdd] [ANNOUNCE] First time owner to guinea pigs/question about taming

CJfromVa at aol.com CJfromVa at aol.com
Thu Dec 9 02:07:11 EST 2004

Hello, I'm new to all of this--owning piggies and posting--so please bear 
with me.  My two five month old (I think) little piggies, Katie and Ginger, came 
home with me a couple of days ago and they are very skittish.  My husband and 
I have been cuddling with them as much as possible but I was wondering if 
there is more we can do to help make them feel more comfortable. When we take them 
out the cage, it seems that all they want to do is find a nice "cave" to hide 
in--be it behind the pillows of the couch or in my hair.  When they are 
sitting on the coffee table, they seem to be too terrified to move. Tonight, I had 
Ginger sitting on my lap when started squealing (softly at first then louder). 
Was she scared or was she looking for Katie (left back in the cage)?  I'd 
appreciate the help.  --CJ

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