[Gpdd] CARE re. new owner

Bellarobi at aol.com Bellarobi at aol.com
Thu Dec 9 12:21:17 EST 2004

Hi CJ,
It usually takes much longer than 2 days for guinea pigs to  feel comfortable 
and unafraid in their new home. I would definitely continue  with the 
cuddling, that's how they learn that they can trust you. Ginger was  probably calling 
for her sister when you were holding her. My Sweetie does that  all the time, 
Poly couldn't care less where Sweetie is. Please don't put them on  the 
coffeetable anymore or anything that's high up. If they fall they can injure  
themselves very bad, and more likely, the incisors break off. You never know  what 
a fearful animal will do. Can you give them some floortime in a piggy safe  
setting? Guinea pigs do hide by nature. I have lots of hiding places for  them 
in my setting. They run from one to the next with food and water breaks  
inbetween. I'd say keep on cuddling!
best wishes,

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