[Gpdd] miss fergusson turns 7!

karen mims karenmims at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 19:22:08 EST 2004

Hi all people and piggies.  I just wanted to write to share the happy
news that my tortie-and-white shorthair piggy, Miss Fergusson, turned
the ripe old age of 7 recently.  pictures of here here:

She is still very active, though she has always been tentative of
jumping up onto things, unlike her dear departed cage-mate, who was
quite the little piggy athlete.  Fergie has the sweetest fuzzy
tri-colored tummy, which I just love to smell.  She has adapted well
to the introduction of 2 cats to the household--they are actually a
little scared of her!

The last several years, she has had an ongoing problem with an ovarian
cyst, but so far we've been able to successfully treat it with hormone
shots.  Just last month she also had a severe corneal ulcer, but the
little trooper has recovered from that, too.  And every vet student
who sees her decides they want to get a piggy!

wheeks to all,

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