[Gpdd] Misc--finger nipping

Debbieganley debg43 at ij.net
Sat Dec 11 22:37:38 EST 2004

You must smell good!  Emma will occasionally nip at my fingers, & Molly will too--I tell them fingers are  not carrots & they give it up, but I must have had something on my hands that they'd like to taste.  Nibbles aren't a bad thing.  I think they all do it, at some time or other.

Piggies rarely have mean personalities--my Potter has gotten snitty lately, to the point that I've seperated her from Molly & Emma at night in a seperate house, just so we can all get some sleep.  But Potter is an older pig & my vet says she's not growing older gracefully.  I had him check her out (teeth, ears, tummy) & she's very healthy--probably just hot-flashing like I am!    We had a Pig Party Reunion today, with Molly's babies here, & Potter was the perfect hostess--I had to give her credit!   Good luck with the girls!  Deb, Potter, Molly & Emma

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