[Gpdd] CARE: Nasturtium

Ana-Luisa analuisa at optusnet.com.au
Tue Dec 14 09:14:37 EST 2004

Is there a possibility that nasturtium is different in Australia to what it
is in the states? I live in Australia and what we call nasturtium is very
different to what we call watercress.

i believe the nasturtium she may have been referring to is known as
tropaeolum majus which is the main kind we see in australia growing in
peoples backyards. Watercress is known as nasturtium officinale. so perhaps
the nasturtium she is referring to is ok to guinea pigs?

I have seen some sites that have said that both are ok to guinea pigs. This
may not be correct and i cant really recall whether they were reputable or

Anybody got any further thoughts?

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