[Gpdd] Announcement-New brothers for Fiona & Sydney

Morticia44 at aol.com Morticia44 at aol.com
Thu Dec 16 18:44:06 EST 2004

Hi Everyone,

Just want to tell you that Fiona and I got 2 new baby brothers today. Mom has 
not let us play with them yet but our cages are next to each other and we 
have weeeeeked at each other. We can't even tell you their names because mom 
hasn't named them yet, but the 1 male looks like a little bear cub with his 
chocolate wavy fir and tan stripe on his nose, and our other brother is smooth white 
with a little tanish patch.

We hope that Santa Paws is good to all of you piggies out there and hope you 
get lots of
food and toys

Happy Holidays from Fiona, Sydney, our 2 new brothers and our mom Raina

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