[Gpdd] MISC. - napping

Fri Dec 17 17:41:51 EST 2004

Hi Steph and friends,

     I don't know if Bud likes Dr. Phil but he LOVES the Dr. Phil hour with me. I'm sure it's a lot harder to catch a guinea pig in a herd napping. Bud's head is black (he's a checkerboard tortoiseshell and white) and it's REALLY hard to see if his eyes are closed unless he's right there on your lap. When I say he's napping, maybe relaxing would be a more appropriate term. He sometimes does actually fall asleep, though. It just depends on how tired he is.
     That brings up a question I've often wondered about. Do guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open? Sometimes Bud 'sleeps' with his eyes closed, sometimes partly closed and sometimes they are wide open. I have thought he is awake and reached in to give him a little pet, and he'll jump like I scared him to death as soon as he feels me touch him. If he were awake, he'd easily see me coming and he relaxes as soon as he 'wakes up'. He reacts exactly the way a person would if you came up and touched them while they were asleep. Does anyone know about this?

     On a slightly different note, after I sent in the 'Rodeo Bud' email to GPDD, I mentioned it to my husband and said that it would be fun if I knew how many miles Bud had actually traveled. My husband said, "That's easy. I have to keep track of all mileage for tax purposes." He checked last night and in four months (from the June 1st to October 3rd) Bud and his slave traveled 11,986 miles, all on weekends. I was figuring out that if he lives til he's 7, he'll travel 84,000 miles. Neat! He had traveled this much by the time he was 7 months old. So all of you who travel with your piggies, there is definitely hope that they can get used to it!

     Sorry this is long again. I'm getting hooked on GPDD and can't wait to read it every day. Thank you all for your contributions. I love the notes, pictures, and the videos are the greatest. 

Carla and Checkerboard Bud 

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