[Gpdd] CARE-flea bombs

Moxie and Nexus moxieent at tiac.net
Sat Dec 18 12:22:39 EST 2004

My experience with flea bombs is that they are a waste of money.  Several years ago my ferrets got infested with fleas.  I tried everything, i.e., bombs, carpet spray, flea baths.  The fleas always returned on the ferrets.  I ended up calling an exterminator.  This was before they had Advantage for cats and ferrets.  I don't know if there is a product that can be safely used on pigs.  I didn't catch the beginning of the discussion, so I'm not sure what you were asking, but I just know the bombs are a waste of money.  

Moxie. Nexus, and Smudge

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