[Gpdd] Misc: Re:Water

Dawnda Stricklen dawndastricklen at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 18 12:52:06 EST 2004

Hello Debbie

When Katie had her 3 boys last April, they would
hardly touch the water bottle. They seen Katie and
Brandi use them before I separated them, but they
would not drink. I was really worried, so I put a
ceramic bowl of water in their cage. They drank out of
it more than the bottle. 
A few months later, I tried another small 8oz.bottle
in their cage with 4 drops of apple cidar vinegar in
it and they loved it. They drink all the time now.
They still have a bowl in their too. 
I use 8 drops of apple cidar vinegar in the larger
15oz bottles for the other pigs. All nine like it. I
just use a medicine/eye dropper. 



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