[Gpdd] [ANNOUNCE] Secret Santa

DL1Bossfan at aol.com DL1Bossfan at aol.com
Mon Dec 20 23:23:04 EST 2004

Tom, Huck, and myself would like to thank Piggy Wiggy, Harley, and Jessica  
from the bottom of our hearts for the nice Christmas gifts.  Tom and Huck  
can't wait to play in their new Chube, but of course it is not Christmas yet -  
and they have to wait till Christmas to play with their new toy! - And I have  
the perfect picture of all 4 piggies to put in the new frames!  We hope the  
package whee sent will arrive in time.  Merry Christmas!!
Donna - Tom, Huck, Spike, and G.I. Joe

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