[Gpdd] The love between a piggy and a birdie

Jennifer jemerald84 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 21 15:35:09 EST 2004

Wheeks to everyone...I've been on the list for awhile
now and have never submitted anything before, but I
figured I would now.  I have 2 beautiful guinea pigs,
Rocky and Chickie.  I also have a hamster, Mr. Bigg
and a parakeet, Deli.  Well I let Deli have free reign
of my apartment every so often and he just loves to go
into the guinea pig's cage and chill with them.  They
love to be with the Deli bird and Deli loves to be w/
them.  Just the other night I caught Rocky and Deli
kissing  (Deli kissed Rocky just like he would another
bird and Rocky eskimo kissed him).  It was a darling
sight!!!  I wonder if the bird thinks he's a guinea
pig too...LOL

Well that's it for me..Hope everyone has a wonderful

Jenn, Rocky, Chickie, Mr. Bigg and the Deli-bird
(altho he doesn't quite realize he is one!)

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