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Trina Pelham piggiementor at msn.com
Wed Dec 22 00:18:39 EST 2004

Happy Holidays Fellow Digesters,

I hope all of you holiday dreams and wishes come true and please be safe if 
you are traveling to se friends or relatives. I wanted to thank Lisa, even 
though I didn't participate in the Secret Santa Piggie Program this year. 
Too many commitments. But Lisa did a fantastic job of putting all of this 
together in such a short time, KUDOS TO YOU LISA.

Susan- I am very sorry to hear of the loss of Nala the bunny. I'm sure you 
will have fond memories of all the fun times and that will help heal your 
heart over time. Warm hugs to you during your time of loss.

The Guinea Pig in the parachute article appalled me, I was in tears and if 
anyone hears of more information as to if they caught these insensitive, 
uncaring, brainless, jerks, please pass it along as I want to know 
personally they are caught and punished. Someone else had the idea of doing 
the same thing to these bad people and I agree but toss them out of an 
airplane so it will be equal.

For Dee: In the past when I have had to use Critical Care, I bought some 
Gerbers baby food, the fruit one with oranges and bananas and mixed it in 
and then it was more attractive to them to eat and baby food is low in 

I was very sad to hear of the passing of Admiral Noah as he was a really 
neat piggie from reading past posts. Please accept my heartfelt condolences 
to you and your family. The loss of a pet is even harder during the holiday 
season and I am so sad to see this happen. Warm regards.

And lastly then I'll be quiet. LOL. Sudden excessive water drinking may be 
an underlying issue such as diabetes. www.guinealynx.com has a story from a 
woman that has dealt with this subject, it would hurt to go look at the 
symptoms and keep in mind or talk to your exotics vet about it. I know my 
piggies drink more in the summer due to the heat and in the winter they slow 
down so just a suggestion. I will go now and hugs and warm wishes to all and 
I hope all the ill piggies get better soon. Be safe when traveling.

Warm Regards,
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