[Gpdd] Misc: Re: Guinea pig buddies

Leah McNeil lconsuela at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 22 12:27:26 EST 2004

I was sorry to read of your Father's
passing. And I think it is interesting
too how sometimes our piggies seem to
know when things aren't quite right
with us and how they can Comfort us,
especially when whee need it. I'm pretty
emotional and when I think Brownie Bear
is in pain, I cry. And I hold her. And I
swear, she looks at me with those big,
dark eyes and tells me that it's okay.
And that the pain is not that bad.
She's a whiner too. She doesn't really
like to be held too much, but when I'm
crying, she'll stop her whining and
just rest on me.

Please accept our Warm Condolences from
Brownie Bear, Butterscotch, and me.

   Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeeeeps...

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