[Gpdd] MISC. - Secret Santa

pkduffy at comcast.net pkduffy at comcast.net
Wed Dec 22 13:08:45 EST 2004

My boy Guinness wants to thank his secret santa so he dictated this note to me: 

"Dear Secret Santa:  Thanks for my gift.  My mom will not let me open it yet (even though I have bribed her with extra cuddles and licks) but I am very excited for Christmas.  I hope you have a great holiday!  You are the best.  Love - Guinness"

And as Guinness' mom I would like to thank his secret santa as well.  I know he will love the hay holder and spend many hours playing with it and directing me to fill it up with more hay.  And the pellets look great.  Thank you for your generosity.  Have a wonderful holiday.

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