[Gpdd] Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Three more babies.

Robert redmountainfarm at juno.com
Wed Dec 22 15:54:35 EST 2004

As I mentioned in another post, somebody gave me four females in the fall and it turns out three of them were pregnant.  Well, Pattycake had her babies and they were as cute as can be.  Now Lil Cutie has had her babies, and only Lizzy is left.  Boy is she big.  My husband made me a new cage for my boys, 2 feet by 8 feet long.  They just love it and are having a ball.  I also bought two 10 feet long pieces of 4 inch wide flexible pipe.  They use it in drain fields or plumbing.  We cut it into foot long pieces and the piggies love running in and out of it.  It was on three dollars each at Home Depot.  So my piggies are getting 20 pieces of tubing to play in for only six dollars.  They love me moving them around so they can play in it like a maze and go exploring.  They really enjoy having their furniture rearranged so they can explore like it is brand new.

I have a cute kitty named Yoda that loves guinea pigs.  One of my girls, I call her Ms. Cranky because she is a grouch, I will put her on my desk to visit with my while I am on the computer.  Yoda will come over and lie down beside her and cuddle with her.  She does that to all the pigs.  Does anybody else have an animal that loves piggers.

My dog also likes the pigs, and likes to sniff noses.  


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