[Gpdd] [ANNOUNCEMENT] Secret Santa and New Piggy in the House!

Nena Sechler Craven nenacraven at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 23 11:16:18 EST 2004

First of all, DJ and Jack would like to thank their
Secret Santa pig (& slave) for the wonderful presents,
even though their mommy hasn't let them look at them
yet.  We especially love the card, which features two
adorable piggies amongst a pile of Christmas presents!
 Thanks so much to Secret Santa and to Lisa for

And now, DJ & Jack wish to proudly announce the
arrival of their new brother, Moe!  Their mommy drove
a LONG way to pick him up from a family who for some
reason didn't want him anymore :-(  We're not sure
what kind of care he was getting, but poor Moe is
missing a lot of hair on his back end, and has scabby
crusties all over, and even a few ulcers.  He got a
bath and a trip to the vet immediately, and the
prognosis is good.  He was very brave even when he had
to get a shot of Ivermectin, and he's starting on oral
antibiotics today for two weeks, and then it's back to
the vet for a checkup.  Until then, he's living in a
different room from DJ & Jack, and getting all kinds
of love and grooming from his new mommy and daddy. 
He's a long-haired little guy, with grey hair on his
back, light brown hair on his tummy, and a dark brown
face with a skunk stripe right up the middle!  He is
extremely friendly, and likes nothing more than
cuddling up alongside his mommy, stretching out, and
lapping up the attention.  Welcome to the family, Moe!

Nena and the Pig Boys, DJ, Moe & Jack

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