[Gpdd] [Silly] Secret Santa Pigs Thanks

Jocelyn Anderson jocelyn.anderson at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 20:43:57 EST 2004

I made it to my parent's house today and opened up the piggy's boxes
that held the presents therein!

Spybreak wanted to open his gift from Tribble but I told him he had to wait!
http://www.nflight.com/files/secretsantaspybreak.jpg . Thanks to
Tribble and Jan!!

Little John's gift is huge! 
He seems more interested in getting snacks in the picture than the
gift, but he tried open the gift after I put the camera down so I know
he's excited about it. Thanks to Little John's Secret Santa!!

This is all very exciting, for piggy and people alike! Thanks to all
who made it happen. =)

Jocelyn, Spybreak T. Fatmammal & Little John

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