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Fri Dec 24 00:48:03 EST 2004

Hi again,

I think this is the most I have posted on the Digest in the many years I 
have been subscribed, meaning I don't post too much. LOL.

Pam- Persons in other states need to do alot of foot work and find out what 
laws are in effect for small mammals in your area. Some states have laws 
regulating the treatment, sales and adoptions of pocket pets but it's not 
very detailed and it's in fine print. Obtain information from your local 
library and the SPCA in your area to see what the laws read. Then you have 
to write a detailed proposal on how "pocket Pets" need to be treated. You 
may want to get advise from law students in your area by posting at the 
local college asking them to assist you on a "pro bono" basis. You have to 
prove to the state that these animals are gaining in popularity and why, we 
used statistics from the shelter to help Deb with this task. I can get the 
full scoop from her and post it because it's a long process and she also had 
ties with state senators from the company she used to work with. I will work 
on this and you can also contact the state of Maine I'm sure and find out 
how to obtain a copy of the bill. It's called LD 1228 and it's 54 pages 
long. Deb did a wonderful job with it and she had myself and Shannon, the 
founder of Cavy Care Inc. and I behind her in the process.

I sent Tex and Donna a personal note on their loss of Sweetie Pigg but I 
just want to say again how sorry I am to hear this and my warm wishes go to 
you and your family that your heart is able to heal soon.

I also noticed that we all seemed to have gotten the same automated message 
from Richard McKaig over the sad event of Parachute piggie. I will be 
emailing him again after the holidays to make sure our messages are getting 
across and I do want a personal reply from him as to what the college 
policies supposedly are when it comes to hurting an animal like this.

To Rodney: Hello and welcome to the Digest. You will find an awesome, 
friendly group of people here and I hope you enjoy reading all of the posts. 
Feel free to add your two cents too as I have started doing. I' sorry to 
hear of the passing of your other two piggies, Patches and Pudge-Pudge. They 
will be waiting to see you one day at the Rainbow Bridge and welcome you 
with open paws and the same love and care that you gave to them. Hello to 
Godzilla, he must be a big piggie for such a big name, very cute.

Ok, off to bed and Pam if you want to email me privately, we can talk more 
about the Bills in other States process and maybe we can get some people 
focused on this because I think every state should have anti-abuse laws for 
all pets. Hugs to all and wheeks.

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