[Gpdd] (Announce) New Pig!

Stacy Harvey ckrtsqrl2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 24 12:56:52 EST 2004

The Squee Squad would like to announce a new addition:
Scooter. He's a (now) 5 week-old red Abby mix. I
hadn't planned on getting another pig, but I was
helping out at the shelter two weeks ago and they just
"happened" to mention that his mamma had been adopted
but nobody wanted him. I couldn't see why--he was this
adorable little baby. But, being the soft-hearted
sucker that I am, I instantly decided to bring him
home. He wheeked for his mamma for two whole days and
nights; I felt so bad for him that I made a wubbie out
of one of my husband's old socks for him to snuggle up
with. I'm hoping to be able to cage him with my older
boar Max, who used to live beside Gizmo before he
passed on. Right now, Scooter is too small--he can fit
his  whole head through the grids of my C&C cage!
We'll have to wait until he's bigger. For now, it's
just fun to watch him popcorn and run laps in his
cage. I'd forgotten how much fun baby guineas are (and
how noisy!)...perhaps Gizmo was watching from the
Rainbow Bridge and felt that I needed some cheering
up, so he sent little Scooter my way. It's funny how
things happen sometimes.
Happy Holidays to everyone and everypig.

-Stacy and the Squee Squad
Max, Serendipity, Maxine, Teddy, Oscar, Willie,
Pinkerton, Jasper, Tigger and baby Scooter

Remembering Gizmo, now and Always...we love you,
Cranky Boy

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