[Gpdd] [SILLY] Secret Santa

Martha Coburn marthac at cogeco.ca
Sun Dec 26 00:35:49 EST 2004

Greetings Frodo,

Thanks so much for the great gifts.  How did you know that I like to eat so
much?!  I love to try new munchies and pleaded with my mommy to open them up
right away.  It was really hard paying attention to everything that was
going on as I just wanted to eat eat eat.  When I took a break I also found
out that the soya nut balls are fun to bat and push around.  I know you are
shy but I'm really glad you sent a pigture and a letter too.  Please thank
your mommy for everything she did.  Hope your Christmas was just as fabulous
as mine.  Boy if they had Christmas everyday I don't think I could stand the

Happy Holidays to all!
Sally and her mommy Martha

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