[Gpdd] Misc: Gizmo

Rob Medal majorpizzadude at wavecable.com
Sat Dec 25 02:28:44 EST 2004


I am sorry to hear about your Gizmo.  It sounds like you had a wonderful life together after you adopted him.  I have a similar relationship with my boy piggie, Mr. Cuddles.  I don't know what breed he is, all I know is that I would be beside myself if I came downstairs one day and saw that he was gone.  I know it is inevitable (for all of us), but I would miss his piggie kisses and how he greeted me when I would get home from work.  I hope he went peacefully and didn't suffer much.  Mr Cuddles is going to be a daddy soon and I would like to see him get old with us for as long as possible (and Momma Piggie too) :-).
I don't worship any kind of deity or god, but I definitely like the idea of a Rainbow Bridge where we all will meet someday.  My Mr. Cuddles and Momma Piggie (and piglets) will play around with Gizmo someday, and we will meet and play with them and get piggie kisses and loving wheeps and who knows, maybe there is somebody at the Bridge right now feeding Gizmo his favorite grapes, and one day you will be able to do the same.  So if the Rainbow Bridge is like Heaven or something then it totally shatters my idea of what it is due to my beliefs, but if it isn't, I will play with my old Dachsund, Duchess and my Corgi, Musche.  I am not ready to see Mr Cuddles or Mama Piggie off yet, but I know it will happen, and when it does, Gizmo will be there with open arms and joyful wheeps welcoming them.  Once again, I offer my sincere condolences and hope you remember the memories you had of Gizmo to help you through the rough times.


Co-Slave to Mr. Cuddles and Mama Piggie,

Rob Medal

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