[Gpdd] (Announce) Merry (belated) Christmas!

Carrie Mooser ddsaylor20 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 26 20:13:23 EST 2004

Hi Everyone!
First, I want to acknowlege all those resposible for
keeping the gpdd going!  I have really loved being
involved and have learned so much from so many of you.
 Thank you!
Second, I and my piggies, would like to send our
condolences to all those who have lost close friends
this year.  It is hard enough to lose a loved one, but
to lose one during the holiday season is especially
difficult.  Our thoughts, prayers and wheeps are with
you all.
Thirdy,  I have good news!  Caramel, Joanna and
Queenie all found homes for the holidays!  This is
good!  I will miss Caramel most, she was a favorite of
mine, but know she is going to live with a most
special girl who very much needs a good friend right
now, and I can have regular updates on her.  And
Joanna and Queenie left together!  A lady came in,
looking for pigs, and just loved the two of them.  I
was invited to screen her housing, and I was so glad
to!  She has an amazing set-up.  I am envious.  She
has other pigs, and they have their own room and
entire outdoor facilities during nice weather.  I wish
I was one of her piggies! and she lives in town, and
invited me to come over anytime for piggie visits and
Lastly, I do hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday
weekend, and been able to visit with loved ones.  We
have had some nasty weather here, but it couldn't keep
us done.  Merry Christmas and a most Happy New Year,
and I wish everyone has a wonderful new year in store!
Carrie, Perdy, Buster and Bubbie

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