[Gpdd] Misc: did Brunhilde get her gifts?

Carla Martinez cmartinez36 at houston.rr.com
Wed Dec 29 10:25:16 EST 2004

Hi Piggies,

I am Snickers, Secret Santa to Brunhilde of Boulder. We were anxious to know
if she got her gifts on time. We tried to avoid the lines at the post office
and went to a postal center last Tuesday afternoon, but my collaborator was
a little doubtful of them. Did they get the right connection with the
reindeer? My brother's secret piggie did not get her gifts until the 26th!
Dohhh! But she did get them!  Brunhilde, if you are reading the digest,
please write to our email and let us know.

Wishing everypig and their people an outstanding 2005!

Snickers and Snowball

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