[Gpdd] [Miscellaneous] Last Words on.....Secret Santa Piggies

Lisa B cavylover74 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 29 20:11:01 EST 2004

Hi Slaves and pigs,
I just wanted to thank all of the slaves and pigs that pigticipated in this years secret santa. Hope I am the secret santa coordinator next year because I had such a great time and hopefully I can add all of my pigs in for next year's pigticipation.  
My pigs also had a great time helping me out, picking out names and all the organizing they did.  Thanks to them all.  
I also want to thank those slaves that came forth and volunteered to take on extra pigs if needed.  You are greatly appreciated.
Fortunately, this year's secret santa pig went pretty smoothly and everyone received their gifts in a timely manner except for a handful of piggies that did NOT receive anything whatsoever because SOMEONE DID NOT SEND OUT GIFTS even though they received gifts for their pigs.  You know who you are, I won't mention your name, but I just wanted to let you know, don't even bother to plan on participating next year.  I wrote you, and I didn't even get a response.  I even gave people a chance to back out for whatever reason with no questions asked and I did not hear from anyone which made me assume everypig was going to receive a gift for Christmas.  I thought that was the fairest thing to do.  
Now I have a handful of pigs that did not get anything for Christmas and I feel really bad.  I wrote to you all that did not get anything and apologized for this person.  Why?  Because I am a caring, sensitive person that loves pigs and I don't think it was fair of this person to do this.  It is a shame that one person has to ruin it and make us look bad.  I hope the slaves that didn't get any gifts for their pigs this year (at least not yet) won't let this put a damper on next year's Secret Santa and you will all pigticipate.
I have 2 people that came forth already to send something for a pig that did not receive anything from this certain person.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am sure the slaves and pigs will appreciate it very much.  I still have 3 pigs that did not receive anything and needs a 'late' santa piggie.  I am really sorry that I have to ask this again. 
Well these are my last words on this subject, I'll get down from the podium now.  Thank you.
Happy New Year to all slaves (even the buh-humbugs) and wheeks to all the pigs.
(2004 Secret Santa Pig Coordinator)

The "pigs" say, "Have a Wheeking Good Day!"

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