[Gpdd] announcement-new year greetings

joy smith gpdiva at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 31 17:41:26 EST 2004

Dear Digest

Lenny wishes to send New Year greetings to all the pigs on the digest and as 
Head Nurse Super Pet he wishes also that you all remain healthy and happy, 
there are too many sad crossings for his masters who reads them all with sad 

Baby Biscuit who is no longer such a baby but growing into a little prince 
like his uncle Lenny wishes all the sows out there a Happy New Year but I 
think thats more about his adolescent urges than any thing else if you know 
what I mean, and the baby boys Gizmo and Badger who are certainly not babies 
any more either would like to agree with Biscuit

Angelina and India would also like to say New Year greetings to all the sows 
out there but for completely different reasons- keep the sowhood or 

Neo and Sam have differing views on the New Year, Neo being such an earnest 
gentlepig he just wishes for peace and justice and cabbage for all

Sam agrees, but he usually has to, not having too much to say of his own

Boris (Horace) has just after 2 years of being 'carrot' boy decides he likes 
tomatoes and satsumas thank you very much- and all this time I worried about 
his diet for heavens sake

so have a peaceful happy and health New Year all of you

Joy and Sarah Smith
Oxford, UK slaves to: Baby Biscuit, Lenny, Neo and Sam, Horace, Gizmo and 
Badger and Angelina and India; remembering Barney, Lenny's father and the 
beautiful Sprite.

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