[Gpdd] Health: Update on lucy

robyn ferguson robyn_ferguson at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 1 20:26:57 EST 2004

Well lucy went in for her follow up visit on thursday and the good news is 
that the lump in her stomach is gone (Yaaahhhooo!) but she is still not 
eating! I have tried cutting down on the number of times a day I feed her 
her babyfood/pellet mix in the hope that she will eat some pellets or 
veggies but when I put her on the scales she has dropped from 700g to only 
500g! For the americans, this is about half a pound! So I am back to feeding 
her as much and as often as I can in the hope I can get her weight up. 
Looking at her teeth, I notice that the biting surface of her front teeth is 
out of alignment (diagonal instead of straight), probably because she has 
been on soft food for a while so I think she might need to have them 
trimmed. Eesh. I lost her sister Aoife after teeth problems (being under the 
anaesthetic weakened her and she got enteritis) but in Aoife's case the 
front teeth were out of alignment because the back teeth were maloccluded 
and Lucy's back teeth are fine. I am also worried because Lucy has got very 
clingy and cuddly with both me and Lexie, which was what Aoife did when she 
wasn't well. So looks like we'll be going back to the vet.

Wish us luck.


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