[Gpdd] [RESCUE] <looking for homes in Arizona>

Lauren Cordeiro lauren_cordeiro at student.uml.edu
Mon Mar 1 23:26:09 EST 2004

Hi Cindy,
I would share your uneasiness about giving the babies to a pet store. Unfortunately pet stores don't screen their buyers and often don't provide adequate info. Do you have school-age kids who have friends that might want them (just make sure the parents are willing to take on the responsibility and would seek vet care if needed). At the Petsmart I work at, we have a place where you can post signs for animals up for adoption. If you did that, I would only suggest that you (a) ask for an adoption fee (this just shows the person is willing to commit, financially, to the pet - you could even donate the fee to an animal rescue) and (b) you ask the person questions about the type of home they are giving him, and if you have any lingering doubt about any potential owner than just call and tell them you found another home. Good luck!

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