[Gpdd] MISC what breed am i

Carole Appleby guinea_pig_8 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 3 15:48:42 EST 2004

      I have just joined the guinea pig club (in england) sounds good fun 
ive ordered a book and a poster although my husband sais im not to put it up 
in the house. The club organises gp shows all over england and will send me 
all the dates ive never done a show and am looking forward to having a go. I 
dont know much about the breeds yet ive got a pure black pig with a white 
crest i read they are quite hard to get or are there a lot of them .Also i 
wandered if anyone knew what my pig sandy is hes blonde all over lovely 
colour with very thick fluffyish hair with a wave in it .Its not long or 
short but its longer at the back or does he sound like a mixture any ideas 
please.Also at the shows they do a nice pet comp.for anything my pig Spikey 
is the tamest pig i know he comes running to me when i call him and stands 
up for me to pick him up and if i kneel by his cage when its open he jumps 
into my lap hes gorgeous  ive got 7 more pigs and 2 wont even let me pick 
them up i think Spikys a bit unusual anyone else got very tame piggies id 
like to hear some .Hope someone can help with blond pig

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