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DCULLON at aol.com DCULLON at aol.com
Wed Mar 3 17:58:31 EST 2004

 Hello everyone,
  How much? That's my question. This is what I do, Every day I give my 3 
Adult and 3 babies; 3 leaves of Romaine & sometimes 3 leaves of Leaf Lettuce, and 
hang a small bunch of parsley. And I also put in about 3 to 4 leaves and stems 
of Kale. Then I have 2 kabobs that I hang on each, 2 slices of a green and 
red pepper, 3 slices of celery about 3 inches long and some heads of broccoli. 
 Question is; Is that good? Is that too much or just right or not enough? 
Plus they have ample supply of guinea pig food and timothy hay.
 Debbie, Poohette, Mini Me, Rascal and now Patches, Pudding, &Peanut.

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