[Gpdd] misc--"stinky dance"

Amy Lovekin piglove at mindspring.com
Thu Mar 4 11:34:39 EST 2004

I've missed several digests so someone may have already mentioned 
this, but a while back someone was asking if anyone remembered some 
of the "old-timer" terms, such as "Yubb Spot" and "Nope to Sope". 
Well, Sarah's post about her guinea's sudden penchant for bananas 
reminds me of what mine do when I give them banana peels--which they 
love.  They do the "stinky dance", which consists of approaching the 
substance, shaking their heads and looking truly disgusted, backing 
up and running away, before slowly approaching to investigate again. 
Others have described this behavior when their pigs are given citrus, 
and I always loved that phrase that someone coined to describe the 

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