[Gpdd] Announcement: International Guinea Pig Meetup Day

Carla Martinez cmartinez36 at houston.rr.com
Thu Mar 4 20:22:30 EST 2004

Wheeks piggers!

One time a few months ago someone on the gpdd posted about this "meetup"
organization, where clubs are formed for all sorts of interests, one of them
being guinea pigs. So I was interested and went to the site and signed up
for the pigs. From what I understand about the way it works, when an area
gets five or more people for the same interest they vote via the web on a
venue to meet, and they get together in person once a month. Could be a good
thing. My friend did the dachsund one and liked it. : ) My husband joined
one for photography.

Today in my email there was an announcement about the next guinea pig meetup
date. It is Wednesday March 24. That is all over the world, I think, not
just in our city. All of us guinea pig 'herds' (?!) will be meeting on the
same evening! Another interesting tidbit they have is a list of different
cities and where they rank in terms of number of guinea pig meetup
enthusiasts. So if you have already joined one and you want to know how many
more members you need before you can have an official "meetup", that will
help you see your goal. According to their site, the number one city with
the most gp meetup members is St Louis Mo. The second is Toronto, and the
third is either Houston, Tx or Champaign, Il. (Yay Houston! Yay Pablo! Yay
me! We now have the necessary  five members. ) There have been 125 gp'ers to
sign up world-wide.

Here is the website to look at:

I hope we can get some more members in Houston.  If you belong to any other
gp forums,  please let their members know about the international guinea pig
meet up day. GPig fans unite~ !

Carla, S & S

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