[Gpdd] RE: [CARE] <nail clipper help pleazzee!>

Lauren Cordeiro petunia_loo at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 6 00:30:13 EST 2004

Hi Brandi,
I can't exactly picture what you're describing, although it sounds like the type of clippers I use for my pigs. Could you possibly call your vet (or an experienced piggy person) and ask them to give you a demo? But I bet you could probably figure it out yourself, just GO SLOW! And absolutely make sure to have some styptic powder around (they should sell it at any pet store) in case you cut the quick and you need to stop the bleeding - the styptic powder helps it to clot, and God knows small animals don't have a lot of blood to lose! Well, best of luck,
Lauren, Piglet and Pooh Bear

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