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Michelle Paschall PASCHALL at qualexphoto.com
Mon Mar 8 12:10:45 EST 2004

I have not posted much lately but I just wanted to say that Flathead my sweet gorgeous long haired piggy passed away this morning.  He was a very calm and gentle pig.  He was just like a big baby.  He was twice the size of my other piggies but he was scared to death and huddled in the corner if they tried to be aggressive. He loved to guard the  food bowl and lived to eat!  He was so calm and i could hold him like a child and  rub his chin or basically do anything to him and he would love it.  

He just recently got over a respiratory illness about 1 ½ months ago.  He had the same symptoms as before last night and I gave him some Baytril left over from before and syringe fed him.  This morning I took him out and he felt almost lifeless.  I syringed him the Baytril, yogurt, and food but most of it he just let  fall out of his mouth. He did manage to throw my hand off his head once though like he always does.   I put him in his cage with his cagemate and he laid on his side and had trouble getting up so I picked him up and held him. I was going to bring him in to the vet this morning because the vit C shot and fluids perked him up a little last time he was sick.  I then held him and he started having little spasms and struggling to move.  I knew he was about to go  I felt his pulse and it beat one last time and  he gasped and then went to the bridge.   His cagemate Elvis will defiantly miss him as much as I will.  This is the third cagemate Elvis has had that has died.  Last time Elvis started losing fur around the time his cagemate died.   I have 3 other piggies and will let one stay with him so he will not be so lonely.


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