[Gpdd] MISC

Vanessa vbatcules at cogeco.ca
Mon Mar 8 12:39:05 EST 2004

Hello to all at the Digest for your care and concern.  To give you an
update: Bert is doing fine.  The vet is very knowledgeable about guinea pigs
and gave Bert a thorough check up.  Despite his weight, he is eating well
and drinking as he should, and seems otherwise to be fine and happy.  He
checked his teeth and mouth and found all to be in good working order.  The
only suggestion he made was that with Ernie being the more dominant of the
two, he may be taking food away from Bert. So, I'll be feeding them
separately as much as possible, and making sure little Bert gets his share-
and then some!  He was a very good boy at the vets and he's just been a joy.
Again, thanks to all who wrote- what a wonderfully caring group! I think it
comes from having these amazing little furry souls in our lives- they bring
such joy, it is hard to imagine their love not rubbing off on us all!

Loving wheeeeeeks from:
Skittles (still the tyrant princess!) and Bert and Ernie, the new kids on
the block! and of course their slave, Vanessa

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