[Gpdd] Behavior: Jumping pigs

Algernon07 at aol.com Algernon07 at aol.com
Fri Mar 12 17:57:01 EST 2004

Hello Pigs and Persons,

       My Wilson, who is the smallest of my GPs actually leaps onto my lap 
from a large 18" container -- place for pigs to run around when cages are being 
cleaned and sometimes just because it's an easy place to have one that I'm 
playing with. The first time he did it, it totally took me by sudden surprise. I 
was looking the other way (ok -- at the tv screen) at the time, and all I 
could think of was that some frog (from where I don't know) had jumped into my 
lap! It was Wilson! I was so impressed with him! (Bless his clever little heart.)
       The question about pigs jumping, however, must have been on my mind as 
I slept. I dreamed that the Three Jolly Rodents were playing in the living 
room with a round plastic ball (cat toy) and they were leaping up to whack it 
back and forth to each other. They were enthusiastically head-butting it, 
swinging their round rears at it -- whack -- to keep it going, and they were 
popcorning at least two and a half feet into the air to hit the ball. I was amazed 
and thought, "Wow, I must tell the gpdd people about this. Maybe their piggies 
would enjoy playing ball, too."

       What an unusual dream. And my friends on the gpdd must rate very 
highly (you all do!) to find your way into my nighttime dreams.

       Too bad we can't tape our dreams on video tape! It was darling. And 
they were having such fun.



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