[Gpdd] re: HEALTH enlargement around nipples

Sandra Park sppark at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Mar 12 17:11:56 EST 2004

This condition sounds a lot like "crusty nipples".  Crusty nipples can be a
symptom of ovarian cysts.  Sows w/an ovarian cyst and/or pyometra (uterine
infection)may also drink considerably more water than they used to; there
may also be symmetrical hair loss on their hind quarters; sometimes the pig
becomes more sexually aggressive w/ her cagemates.  Sows may have one, some,
or all of these symptoms.  Seeing as the cream hasn't improved her skin
condition, you may want to have the vet examine her more thoroughly.
Sometimes the vet can feel the cyst by palpating her, other times an x-ray
or ultrasound is needed.

Hope Assy Suzy and Koko both get better,


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