[Gpdd] [Behavior] Owners in crisis.

Jackie Bickers jackie3492 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 14 00:49:00 EST 2004

I just have to let the guinea pig world know how special of a guy my Simon 
is... I'm not having too wonderful of an evening and my Simon, usually an 
independent, leave me alone to eat, and I'll bite the you know what out of 
you if you grab me the wrong way kind of guy, is sitting on my shoulder 
giving me licks and sweetness as we speak. He even stares at the computer 
screen, like he knows what im writng! Such an attentive fellow.  Right now 
my neck and face itch like you know what ( I'm mildly allergic, but the pros 
way outweigh the cons :)) I just want to thank girls and guys like Simon for 
the wonderful and simple emotional support they provide during hard times :)

Jackie, proud servant to Simon, Jasmine, Jezebel and Sabrina.

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