[Gpdd] Behavior

Susan Glancy sglancy at pinn.net
Sun Mar 14 09:21:46 EST 2004

Hi everyone!
I just have a question regarding "normal" pig behavior.  Poopsie, our
rescue shelter g.pig is about 2 1/2 years old and is absolutely adorable! 
She has the sweetest personality.  Well, ever since we got her about 1
year ago she has been licking us.  Whenever we hold her, she licks our
hands, legs, even face on occasion.  We have another 1 yr old girl piggie,
Sniffles, and she never exhibits this type of behavior.  Poopsie has never
ever bitten or even attempted to.  We call her our little dog.  Has anyone
else had experience with this?  Thanks!

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